Monday, June 28, 2010

Fish stories

 (Delicious Tuna, via Wikimedia commons)

Just a quick bite...

Soon we may have genetically engineered salmon as an option in the grocery store. According to the NYT, the FDA is looking into an atlantic salmon that grows faster than regular salmon for use on fish farms. I'm glad it's being investigated, and I am even a little optimistic about this as an alternative to overfished wild salmon.

On the other hand, apparently the bluefin tuna is not doing so well. Also from the Times, it seems that we are in the process of hunting this valuable fish into extinction. It doesn't help that one of only two spawning grounds of this fish is in the Gulf of Mexico, where it has Deepwater Horizon as a neighbor.

Speaking of the oil spill, I, personally, am going to miss eating shrimp. It looks like I'm not getting any from the gulf coast anytime soon, and farmed shrimp (often from southeast Asia or South America) are notoriously terrible for the environment.

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